Tests and Assessments play an important role in the world of Psychology/Science or any practical field. Tests and assessments are used to find out the problem and then to solve them properly.

If we see them in Psychology specifically,  there are so many tests and assessments to assess different traits, skills, abilities within one person. Also, on the other hand not only to find positive traits but also the negative traits like aggression, antisocial personality traits etc. There are many characteristics a person have but not able to analyze. So to analyze , these tests are helpful.

Cognitive/Intelligence Tests are tests used to measure reasoning ability, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, organizational, memory and other cognitive abilities.

Achievement Tests are tests used to assess an individual’s previous learning in various areas such as reading, mathematical abilities, verbal comprehension, and many others according to their grade level.

Behavior Rating Scales are used to measure the extent or severity of behaviours (mostly on a likert Scale)to adequately analyse the issue and it’s consequences.

Neuropsychological Tests are tests that are used to measure how well the brain is working. So they take into account the working of the brain along with the mental processes involved, such as reasoning, perception, attention, memory etc.

Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders, as the name suggests, are tests designed to assess autism and related disorders in children and adults.

Psychological and Emotional Test are those tests that are used in screening of the psychological and emotional state of a person. These may include one or more of the following.

Above are few Tests and assessments used by counsellor/psychologists to assess the scale of the problem so that it’s easy for them to help the client. These tests are not only for the adults but also for all age group and for every person who is facing problem in any of the area or any phase or life. These tests are also helpful for Special Children, to analyze them and for their future therapy ideas.

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