Physical growth is an increase in size. Development is growth in function and capability. Both processes highly depend on genetic, nutritional, and environmental factors.

As children develop physiologically and emotionally, it is useful to define certain age-based groups. The following terminology is used:

Neonate (newborn): Birth to 1 month

Infant: 1 month to 1 year

Young child: 1 year through 4 years

Older child: 5 years through 10 years

In all the above ages or stages the child feels and experiences new things and emotions and maybe traumas too. We don’t know what they are learning and how they are learning the thing and from whom??? There are so many things that lack and cause childhood problems or traumas which results in disorders or sometimes in adjustment to the surrounding. Due to the hectic schedules of parents, they are not able to spend much time with their children in their crucial age of learning which causes detachment and lack of love and emotional support these little things cause trauma and will trouble the children in the future.

Problems or traumas like

As a parent it’s a responsibility and duty to take care of minute things of children and if there is something abnormal behaviour consult counsellor and start therapies as this is the crucial age to learn and grasp the things for the whole life.

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